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Friday, January 16, 2004
  The Museum of Black Superheroes - Black Aquaman
Black Aquaman finally gets the recognition he deserves. 
  Marvel diversity vs. DC diversity
Mr. Jakala compares DC's new and varied offerings with Marvel's and finds Marvel's to be a bit lacking. I usually don't bother with Marvel or DC news, but this is a pretty accurate assessment of where these two companies are going. 
Tuesday, January 13, 2004 -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
This is one of the most interesting sites I've ever seen. You can find the symbols that they relate with sequential art here, just scroll down until you get to 'comic strips, signs used in'. It's a little small, but it's not really the focus of the site. 
Sunday, January 11, 2004
This is a piece of shareware for Mac OS X that lets you directly download and view comic strips without hopping from site to site. It comes preloaded with several strips and lets you add more in a really easy and intuitive manner.
This program could be used in some unethical ways I suppose, like viewing Garfield without looking at all the ads around it, or by eating up the bandwidth on a site without looking at what google thinks you'd be interested in, but since the whole internet mindset these days is 'give me everything for free right now' it fits right in. And it's not the fault of the author of the software if you use it like that any more than it's Xerox' fault if you reproduce something without permission. You could also use it to get the free samples of a pay site, like American Elf every day automatically. I'm not encouraging that sort of behavior, just saying you could do it.
The counterargument to all of that is that software like this gives you exposure to previously unknown comic strips and if you really like a comic, you'll buy the merchandise. Of course, this isn't like the music industry since it doesn't cost you anything to look at some ads. Looking through the preloaded comics I did find a new one (new to me) that I really like, WIGU. Take that for whatever it's worth.
I'm not the obsessive type who follows a strip every single day, but this may turn me that way. 
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