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Friday, December 19, 2003
  Comics: Meet the Artist (
Here's a little online chat With Patrick McDonnell, the guy behind my favorite comic strip, Mutts. It's mushy and not really informative, but Mutts is a wonderfully mushy strip, so it's okay. 
Monday, December 15, 2003
Apparently none of you (except two, thank you) saw that part in the last blog entry where I said RESPONSES ARE MANDATORY. I'm giving you all a second chance to respond to that one because I'm so dang nice.
I don't think I need to apologize for not blogging for ten days, seeing as I had my finals and all, but a little voice in me tells me I should, so I'm very very sorry. I'm out of my 'spider hole' now and back a'blogging.
Anyway, I just watched X2 and I'm just going to give the whole thing away so you don't have to go and rent it.
Nightcrawler gets his bamf on and tries to kill the president, but he doesn't. Then some stuff happens. There's like Iceman and Pyro in this one as kids, and Wolverine's all lookin for his past and stuff and he doesn't find it. Then there's this General Stryker (I'm assuming it's spelled with a 'y' because that's stupid) and he's all 'kill dem myootents!' and Mystique has some oriental woman following her around. I think she was in the comics. So the X-Men go hunting for Nightcrawler and Wolverine and Cyclops don't like each other and the govt. goes and tranquilizes all the kids at the Xavier school 'cause Magneto ratted them out. Wolverine kills a bunch and it's the only good part in the whole movie. Oh yeah, there's some mind control drug or something that Stryker's injecting into people. Then there's a road trip to get away from the feds, who took the mutant that looks like Harry Potter. They go to Iceman's house and then the parents come home and Iceman's all "Mom, I'm gay---I mean I'm a mutant!" and then mom says she loves her icy gay son no matter what then the cops come and Pyro kills them I guess, even though you don't really see any corpses. Pyro's gonna turn evil, I KNOW IT! The excitement! I can taste it! Okay, then they all have their parade to secretundergroundbaseville where Professor X is being held captive and Stryker's mutant son has his same brain powers (that's what he's been injecting into people, his son's brain juice) and Magneto and Mystique are with them and they beat people up and Wolverine fights the Oriental Lady and she dies and then Professor X doesn't kill all the mutants in the world like that one guy wanted and doesn't kill all the humans like Magneto wanted and then Pyro turn evil (oh boy!) and Wolverine doesn't find out about his past and Jean Grey dies, but she'll totally be back as Phoenix, yo!
Other stuff also happens, like a flood or something.

Don't rent this, seriously. The only way to make a cool X-men movie would be to have Woody Allen play Magneto and have Wolverine do that thing in the X-Men cartoon where he spears an apple (I think it was an apple) with one claw and offer it to Kitty Pryde (there's the stupid 'y' again) saying 'peesa froot?' in the world's worst Canadian accent. 
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