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Friday, November 14, 2003
  College kids get offended by comic strip for all the wrong reasons
The damage control:
Arizona Daily Wildcat - Reader Advocate: Comic strip breaks down stereotypes with humor - Monday November 3, 2003
The offending strip:
Sarape's Grill
Now I've only read a couple of the strips, because the archives take forever to go through, but here's why everyone should be offended:
Be offended that it's the same panel copied three times over.
Be offended at the ugly lettering. Plenty of people can't write or draw and yet do it anyway, so why do so many people settle for the most awful lettering, thinking they can't do any better?
Be offended at the ugly photoshop effects.
Be offended that not only did someone sign their name to this sequential art feces, but that an editor actually found it publishable.
I think all of those take precedence over a Mexican character speaking with an accent, but that's just me.
Instead of a diversity forum, maybe a quality forum was in order, unless no one has a problem with comics pages everywhere being choked with garbage. Click here to see the other fantastic strips this paper publishes. This one's my favorite. 
  WorldNetDaily quotes Mark Millar on Abercrombie & Fitch
WorldNetDaily: Clothier pushes porn, group sex to youths
"This is so bizarre", I said as I ate a McGriddle breakfast sandwich. But then I came across this:
"My idea is you have the Old Testament, the New Testament, and this [the A&F catalog] is the Final Testament. This is a thing about Jesus coming back as a 12-year-old kid … pontificating whether or not he should masturbate … ."
and I said "well it's not THAT bizarre," thus completing the McDonald's joke.
I don't know, maybe this is an old quote and everyone knows it, but I just thought the whole meeting of WorldNetDaily, Mark Millar and Abercrombie & Fitch was unusual. Why would all three members of the Axis of Evil™ meet so openly like this? 
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
  Brian-Brian-Brian-Brian Woods Y'all!
Did anyone catch the little write-up for DEMO in the latest issue of that C-Lightning Bolt-N! newsletter? You know, the birdcage liner they give out for free at comic book stores? Nice litte write-up for a comic drawn by Becky Cloonan and written by "Brian Woods." You know, the same Brian Woods who wrote CHANNEL ZEROES, which is published by Larry Youngs and I'm Jeff Chons.

I don't exactly have the newsletter in front of me because I tossed it, but I was not hallucinating. They even take it a step further by saying something to the effect of "Brian Woods delivers the goods!" with his name in italics, as if to say "Hey! We like being sloppy!" Straczynski? That's a cinch to spell. Azzarello, I can spello. But "Wood" seems to do them in, just like your mom.

I know C-Lightning Bolt-N! is a free publication, but that was just sloppy, fellas.  
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