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Saturday, November 08, 2003
  Dirty Danny Interview
Ben Durgin interviews Danny Hellman at There's nothing really new here, but if you're the last person on earth unfamiliar with the Hellman/Rall brouhaha (I love that word) then this'll give you the Reader's Digest version, and it's a good excuse to waste the day reading opticalsloth's reviews. 
Friday, November 07, 2003
  Guardian Unlimited interviews Paul Levitz
It's about that Sandman book cracking the NYT bestsellers list and how comics have come a long way, baby. 
Thursday, November 06, 2003
  Jamie Rich to leave Oni, Xeric winners announced
That's news I guess.
Xeric winners:
Alex Fellows – Canvas
Jay Hacker – Headstatic
Jon “Bean” Hastings, editor – Spark Generators II
Neil Kleid – Ninety Candles
Joel Rivers – Along the Canadian
Leslie Stein – Yeah, It Is!
Michael Zittel – Master Catfish

That's it. Nothing else going on in comics that I care about. Maybe tomorrow people will do stuff. 
Tuesday, November 04, 2003
  Tyoozday roundup
Since this whole comics activism argument is still going on, I might as well mention Sean Collins' take on the issue. It's easier to read than my jumbled post on the issue. There's also some talk about Tony Isabella and DC, which I don't understand well enough to talk about.
Rick Bradford reviews King Cat #62 here. Sixty-two!
Since I just swore off the comic store again (I'll probably go back until Cerebus #300, but that's it and I mean it this time) I've decided to start ordering more mini-comics. I'll order two or three a week. Or maybe I should just say I'll review whatever people send me, then I'll get some free comics. If you want to send me something, e-mail me. Address is to your right.
Here is a neat interview with Johnny Ryan. It turns out we have a lot in common:
"JR: I like to eat Teddy Grahams in my Garfield slippers while I'm watching Trading Spaces. That's pretty cool, right?" (link from Egon)
I'm still looking for nerdy comic forums, here are some more good ones:
DC's Green Lantern board, Comicboards' Comic Battle board, Comicboards' 2099 board, Comicboards' 'Dangerous Curves' board (this one's not for the weak of heart) and, of course, The Poison Elves message board. Thanks to everyone who's given out pointers so far. Keep it up!

Monday, November 03, 2003
  Superhero protests in London
Rooftop protest by 'caped crusaders'

Spiderman 'on crane for a week'

Spiderman protest closes Tower Bridge

Spiderman cordon criticised

You want people to take you seriously? Dress up as a superhero. Works every time. 
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