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Friday, October 24, 2003
  Roll Call: Talented Young Cartoonists
If you want to add to Milo George's list for the 2003 Year in Review issue of TCJ, follow the link. 
  Is it pretty yet?
Please comment on the color scheme... 
Today's (10/24/2003) Dennis the Menace is awesome, but it's not on the internet yet. It was so awkward, the way kindly old men try and relate to the kids these days. In the first panel Dennis enters the house, saying "WAZZUP, DUDE?" In the next panel, he's in his time-out chair, facing the wall, saying "I WAS JUST TRYING TO 'KEEP IT REAL' ". Maybe tomorrow Dennis'll call Mr. Wilson his 'beeyotch'.
Here's a nice Interview with Ho Che Anderson. As usual, the comments afterward are eloquent and thoughtful. (link via ¬°Jounalista!)
I know I promised actual opinions on stuff this time, but that'll have to wait. 
Thursday, October 23, 2003
  Let me get to blogging then!
Hello, everyone. Today the site gets going, if not in its final form.
I plan on normally writing about what I hate and blah blah blah, but I'm going to do some positive stuff first:
Ted Rall's opinion of The Complete Far Side It's not a stupid one, honest!
Read up on Neal Adam's expanding planet theories, if you haven't already.
Scott McCloud's current Morning Improv is pretty good.
Here are some neat Flash animations from James Kochalka.
You remember Stan Lee Media? Remember that one cartoon where all these kids had internet powers or something? I remember this one Jamaican kid's all 'hacking' and stuff and then he goes "I'm going to peeng da server!" and I nearly died laughing. Good times...
OMG! Sleepwalker's back!! He was the awesomest! He could, like bend stuff with his mind and he was some alien or something! And he lived in some guy's head! About ten years ago I made an icon of Sleepwalker for some file. I might have that saved somewhere...
Next time...actual opinions! 
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
  Matt test.
Is this working? Hello? Hello? 
  Comments work now
Why don't you comment on that? 
  Ok, we're getting set up.
Once I get the other people that'll post here every once in a while to log in, I'll get the site set up and we'll be up and going. 
Monday, October 20, 2003
  Hello? Is this thing on?
This is a test. With a bit of luck, this will soon be a functioning comics 'blog'. Stay tuned, please. 
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